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I Took the First Pill

Can Anyone in Harriman, TN Reverse the Abortion Pill? 

Many women who have taken the abortion pill experience regret. You are not alone. If you have changed your mind, there is help for you. Abortion Pill Reversal is a new medical procedure available to reverse the effects of the abortion pill and possibly save the life of your child. If you have taken the first dose of the abortion pill (mifepristone/Mifeprex®) and are now experiencing regret, it may not be too late.

Call the 24-Hour Abortion Pill Reversal Helpline at (877) 558-0333 or learn more at

What is a medication abortion?

Medication abortion is the use of medications to induce abortion. This is also called the abortion pill, a medical abortion, or a chemical abortion. In the United States, there are three methods of inducing a medication abortion: mifepristone combined with misoprostol, methotrexate combined with misoprostol, and misoprostol by itself. Mifepristone is also known as Mifeprex®. (It is not the over-the-counter “Morning After Pill” or Plan B.)

The most common medication abortion involves a combination of mifepristone and misoprostol. This early abortion is when the woman is 8 weeks or less. The woman first receives the oral dose of mifepristone at the abortion clinic or medical center. The mifepristone blocks progesterone, which causes the uterine lining to break down. Within 24-48 hours, she takes misoprostol either orally or inserted vaginally. (This part of the abortion is at home.) The misoprostol will cause contractions and the expulsion of the preborn baby; this may take a few hours or a few days.

5-10% of medical abortions fail.

Common Abortion Pill Symptoms

A woman may experience the following medication abortion symptoms:

  • Dizziness

  • Strong cramps

  • Diarrhea

  • Abdominal pain

  • Mild fever or chills

  • Backache

  • Joint pain

  • Low energy

  • Feeling like throwing up

  • Throwing up

  • Indigestion

  • Inflammation or infection of the vagina

After the abortion pill, a woman may experience bleeding and spotting up to 4 weeks following this abortion procedure.

How does “Abortion Pill Reversal” work?

If you have changed your mind and want to reverse your medication abortion, call (877) 558-0333. Reversal is the most successful within 72 hours.

  • You will speak with a medical professional to understand the reversal process.

  • You will be given an ultrasound to confirm that your baby is still alive.

  • Your doctor or medical provider will prescribe progesterone. This may be given by injection in the gluteus (“butt”) muscle, or it can be given orally or vaginally.

  • This treatment will continue in your 1st trimester.

The progesterone (that you will be prescribed) is intended to outnumber and outcompete the mifepristone in order to reverse the effects of mifepristone. You can read success stories from women like you.

How much will this cost?

Costs of the Abortion Pill Reversal treatment vary depending on the progesterone used. Insurance plans may cover treatment. Women who do not have insurance or financial means to pay for treatment should discuss this with the medical provider. In cases of financial hardship, Abortion Pill Reversal (APR) will work with the medical provider to underwrite progesterone costs. If you can’t afford progesterone treatment, don’t worry. APR is committed to helping you.

If you have more questions or need an ultrasound scan, give us a call today.

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